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I have been in the Composite business for twenty-five years. Started in Annapolis, MD. In 1985, as a fiberglass tech for Topaz Marine building hulls and decks, I quickly moved into the Pattern and Mold making shop. This is where I developed an understanding of putting different materials together to come up with different size and shape that would produce products used in everyday living.

My many years of experience has given me a keen understanding of the strengths and characteristics of different composite materials such as polyesters, vinylesters and epoxy resins. The fabrics used in today composite construction consist of fiberglass ,Innegra™ , Kevlar and carbon fiber. The right fabric and resin selection along with fiber orientation and suitable methods of construction can deliver products that will last a life time.

Bike Frames are built with the same understanding , but accidents do happen. Knowing and understanding how things are made, helps determine how they should be repaired.

My years of experience and confidence in what I do should help you understand that you have come to the right place for your repair.