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Jennie Collins

Cat 2 Racer, Team ASV

In March of 2007 I purchased a brand new Purple Orbea Diva only to crash it on a practice ride 8 months later. I was devastated! A friend of Joeys gave me his number and said call him it can't hurt. He fixed my frame good as new and I went on to race it 2 full seasons. This year (2010) I asked Joey to "enhance" that frame and paint it for me and WOW! once again he came through big!! If you see me at a race or group ride please feel free check it out. His work is impeccable, local, and reasonable! You will appreciate the one on one personal attention and enthusiasm you get from Fiberglas man!

Josh Servi

So, there I was, another Category 4 racer picking his destroyed carbon road bike up off the ground. The questions cluttered my thoughts but all led to a defined reality that this bike is, for lack of better words- F'ed! Like any enthusiast, I eventually bit the bullet and bought a new bicycle. It is strange how an infatuation can overcome one's sense of fiscal responsibility, realistic or practical thinking! Another chunk of money, now gone.

Luckily, I have a problem with separation too and held onto the busted frame. One day, like many, while hanging out in a bicycle store I met Joey Robison. He's a guy that you don't come by to often, one with a great personality and an awkward sense of humor but also very frank. Let's just say he doesn't take any B.S. (and I'm not taking about a diploma here). Joey knows what he can do and how he's going to do it! Carbon fiber and other composites are amongst his repertoire. BINGO! I had a fix for my frame in a matter of days!

The list doesn't stop there. Joey's also helped me other things, he doesnt only repair cracked carbon. He is a fantastic artist that is very familiar with slinging some paint! I've seen many projects, from repaints and repairs to the design and fabrication of custom parts and accessories. Check out his site, his pictures, the proof is there to see. And, give Joey a call you will be satisfied!

George Perez

The first time I took my Pinarello Prince (The Prince of Spain), to the Frame Doctor it was to repair a nasty deep 3'' gash on the rear chain stay. I was struck from behind on a ride where the other cyclist's front wheel quick release shaved off a good size piece of carbon from rear chain stay. My local bike shop raved about the Frame Doctor, saying all the local cyclists take their bikes there. When I got my bike back about a week later I couldn't believe the results. The Frame Doctor completely filled in the carbon and did an exact paint match.

About six months later my Prince was T-Boned by a car resulting in both sides of the seat stays being completely shattered and crumbled into several pieces. Initially the bike appeared to be a total lost. However, knowing the fantastic job the Frame Doctor previously did for me and other cyclist I took it to them where about a month later I was riding my bike again. To understand the caliber of work that was performed you have to look at the seat stay curves of the Prince. The seat stays where completely and accurately rebuilt to precision and the paint was identically matched. Look closely at the before and after pictures, you couldn't tell the difference as the bike looks and feels brand new again.

The cost and convenience of the repair was much less than any other repair shop would have or could have done. I don't know of any other local repair shop that does this quality of work. I definitely recommend the Frame Doctor for all your surgical needs and like me I'm sure you'll be 100% satisfied with their professional service.

Clive de Sousa


Having a $3000 frame smashed in transit is one of my worst fears come true. When I got the repaired frame back from the Frame Doctor it was like the heavens had opened up. This Ridley Noah has carbon drop outs and the drive side rear was completely trashed, The Doc repaired it and painted in such a way you cannot see his work. The repaired area looks perfect and I mean it prefect. The bike has been back on the road for over a year and rides as if nothing ever happened. Don't delay let the Doc lay his hands on and heal the hurt.

Tyler Scherr

Just got back from Orlando where we did some hard racing. The frame rides just like it did before the crash. I did take it easy the first few turns but by the end of the weekend i was diving the corners just like I always have.

Good work, you've definitely made the "recommended" list.

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